Thursday, August 9, 2012

EP Review - Creator, Destroyer by Dischordia

     Straight from Oklahoma City, Dischordia is a band that tries to bring a fresh perspective to the metal scene, combining the US metal brutality with the many progressive and far-fetched ideas from their many global influences. Some of these influences can be easily identified from bands like Meshuggah, Decapitated, and The Dillinger Escape Plan. In 2011, Dischordia released their first EP, titled Creator, Destroyer, and since then has gained many praises throughout the metal community. Along with this fine EP, they have also played alongside many metal acts, such as Dying Fetus, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Born of Osiris, Darkest Hour, The Human Abstract, and As Blood Runs Black to name a few. With this impressive resume so far, their impact across the nation has skyrocketed. I take a closer look at the EP and see for myself what the big fuss is about with these guys.

     When you open up Creator, Destroyer, you should expect heavy. Don't even question it. The title track submerges you in the overall idea of what this EP is going to be about; brutal, heavy, fast, and anything else to describe anything associated with the word "assault". The guttural vocals and fast paced drumming definitely create a positive impact for me when first listening. Another detail I found while listening was the Meshuggah-esque rhythm riffs in the background. The guitars don't exactly stand out in a way you think they would. A lot of metal bands tend to overuse the guitars, but in this case its nice to hear the rhythms accentuated even more. The next track, "Dark Passenger" changes things around, letting the guitars show off a bit more. The vocals change a bit as well in style, sounding deathy in some parts. Already I'm hooked onto this album, as it is already showing quite a bit of diversity in style. 

     "Splitter" is hands down my favorite tune of the entire effort. Although it sounds unorganized and all over the place, you can pinpoint the melodies after a few listens easily. The "noisy" guitar bits, although seem so little a contribution, change things up for this song so much. This may not appeal to a lot of people though, but I could be wrong. The last track, "Radioactive Iodine 121", starts out with that deep guttural vocal that immediately shakes down anything in its path. Soon after that vocal onslaught, the tune suddenly does a u-turn into a soft, sort of melodic gesture. Light guitar work is soon followed with a slow-tempo drum rhythm. This track may knock around quite a bit, causing a listener to get confused pretty easily with what is going on. However, I find this track interesting and somewhat easy to follow. The change of pace between the slow and gentle and the hard and heavy really keep your ears on their toes. This gives the EP the perfect finish.

     As a first concentrated effort from these guys, Dischordia really push themselves with a diverse EP that tests the limits of the listener. If you're looking for an artist that mixes things up with their influences, sound, and composition, you definitely want to check out these guys for sure. I am hoping they release some sort of full length soon, as these guys definitely have my attention.

Release Date: October 2011
Production: Intellect Studios
Track Listing:

1. Creator, Destroyer
2. Dark Passenger
3. Splitter
4. Radioactive Iodine 121


Josh Turner - Vocals and bass
Keeno - Guitar and vocals
Josh Fallin - Drums

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