Friday, October 19, 2012

Album Review - Bevar Sea by Bevar Sea - 9/10

   If you're on the prowl for some new doom metal to add to your collection, I may have something you're looking for. Bevar Sea hails from Bangalore, India, and have been functional in the scene since 2010. Surprisingly they have obtained quite the following the past two years through their "no-frills" songwriting and amazing live performances. Their influences derive from many bands, including Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, UFO, Rainbow, Saint Vitus and Sleep as some of the more well-known. Their other influences include another long list of bands, those that some may be unfamiliar with. These are Cathedral, Orange Goblin, Grand Magus, Trouble, Pentagram, Electric Wizard, High On Fire, and Kyuss. As you can tell, most of their music will be composed of the bluesy, '60's and '70's style, influenced doom metal style. At first, I was a bit hesitant to give this album a listen, as I haven't been too fond of a lot of the "psychedelic" or similar style influenced music. However, I decided that I'd give these guys a chance, and here is what I thought of it.

     Bevar Sea clocks in at a bit over 40 minutes in length over 4 tracks. One may consider this more along the lines of an EP because of the tracks, but those familiar with doom metal albums won't give it a second thought on the matter. "The Smiler" slowly eases you into the mix of things with heavy, extended, chugging riffs much like that of of their influences mentioned above. You'll also get a taste of some great guitar solos throughout. They aren't too fancy, but they help change things up. Next up, "Abishtu" makes an appearance, which isn't as haunting and fierce as the previous but it is still just as powerful in a sense. However, this changes after the initial buildup and soon brings back the heavy crunchy riffs and guitar solos that sound amazingly well crafted. If you're one for lyrics, "Abishtu" tells an interesting story. They depict the story of a serial killer hopping along in his ride, murdering hipsters and all while running away from the cops. This journey is well depicted musically and so far I'm quite impressed.

     So far, the album has depicted that old school style of doom metal. "Universal Sleeper" shifts gears, introducing a more bluesy style. Now I've never been a fan of the psychedelic rock/metal genres, but with the incorporated style being more along the lines of blues instead, I find myself listening to this album more and more because this characteristic. Although the doom template is still applied throughout, I feel the band picks up a bit more pace and shows off their skill and style with this added reinforcement. "Universal Sleeper" clocks in at almost ten minutes, but it isn't even the longest song on the album! Being pretty much three times as long as most songs in the present age, Bevar Sea manages to keep it interesting. "Mono Gnome" ends the album, as the longest and possibly the most powerful track of the self-titled work. The constant doom element coinciding with the guitar playing creates a contrasting yet perfect harmony throughout the piece. Near the middle is when it gets even more interesting. You feel as if everything just begins to drag, and you hear the epic guitar solo slowly form out of the "wreckage". 13 minutes in, you think the track ends, but you come up with a surprise. This surprise being something you haven't heard at any point of the album.

     What can I say about Bevar Sea? If you're into doom metal and appreciate the elements of heavy metal and blues, you will love this album. The well placed guitar solos, the powerful but not overbearing vocals, and that gritty, daunting doomy vibe throughout prove to be very powerful and effective. I am hoping these guys gain more popularity, because I would love to see these guys play at a local venue here in the states. If you're new to doom metal, Bevar Sea may also be a great starting point for you because of the variety and influences involved in their work. Check these guys out. You can stream the entire album below to hear it all for yourself.

Rating: 9/10
Release Date: October 19th, 2012
Production: Recorded by Srikanth & Chacko at The Doom Cave in early 2012. Drums recorded live by Basement Tapes Studios in late 2011. Mixed & mastered by Billy Anderson.

Track Listing

1. The Smiler
2. Abishtu
3. Universal Sleeper
4. Mono Gnome


Ganesh Krishnaswamy - vocals
Rahul Chacko - guitar
Srikanth Panaman - guitars
Avinash Menon - bass
Deepak Raghu - drums

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