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Interview with Chton

Hey guys! Back with an interview with one of the bands that I recently reviewed. Chton's guitarist, Torstein, decided to take some time from promoting the new album to answer a few questions of mine regarding the band. Please give it a read, and also check out the review of the album (at the end of the interview). These guys are pretty cool.

Tell me a bit about you guys. Where did the band name come from and what influenced you guys to take on the style of music you guys play?

Ok, we start off with a big'un eh? This is a question where I try to find a good answer from somewhere before, and just paste it in. At least about the name. But ok, let's go freestyle haha.

We formed Chton in 1999 in Trondheim, Norway, from the ashes of earlier projects.

The name is something we found and basically rewrote a bit. It's from latin, as far as I remember, something like "chthonian", which is dwelling beneath the earth. But yeah, I should have pasted an earlier answer here. It would make more sense. It's a name, and we liked the sound of it back in '99.

As for influences, that could end up as a long list haha. I guess we wanted to make brutal death metal with no cheesy typical melodies, yet still try to fill it with a certain dark atmosphere. Bands like Immolation and early Morbid Angel was important to us early on. Also a lot of black metal like Bathory and Darkthrone inspired us.

Oh yeah, I think I remember in the review I wrote for the album what it had meant. It kind of adds that dark atmosphere you describe. I could definitely hear the black metal influences in the rhythm sections, and I think that was one of the best elements of the new album. Speaking of which, I kind of wondered why it took so long for you guys to make a comeback. Was it just dealing with the lineup or was it some other factor that prevented you guys from creating this album sooner?

I'd say it's been the changes in the line-up that has been the real hinderance for us. Quite a few people came and went, and with that the rest of us lost some of our drive too, as it felt we had to restart many processes over and over. Now, however, we have a solid band that has great energy and a lust for blood!

In the time that has gone since our debut Chtonian Lifecode back in 2004, much has happened on a personal level too, with a few kids popping up for most of us. We've also had other bands that has kept us busy. Personally I've had spurs of activity with the now defunct Manes, and with Drontheim. Some of the other guys in Chton also play in the dirty black thrash crew Cleaver. So, it's not like we've been sleeping on the couch for eight years...

So, it is safe to say that you guys will be around for a while? What kind of plans do you guys have in mind for Chton?

Plan A is to win "So you think you can dance". Or not. No, we want to spread the word as much as we can about our new album The Devil Builds, play a few shows in Norway and abroad, and then get back to writing new stuff. The time between Chtonian Lifecode and The Devil Builds is not something we want to repeat, so we want to up the intensity now, and do a new release soon. Another stone in the Devil's stronghold.

Playing abroad huh? Abroad as in across Europe and such or do you guys think you'll make it over here to the states? That would be pretty rad.

It all really depends on promoters, organizers and festivals across the board. We'd love to come to the US with Chton, but we're in no position to finance something like that ourselves. We have some plans to play some shows around Europe, but it's nothing I can plug just yet.

Totally understandable, especially the way things are financially for everyone as of late. Hopefully you guys come across something solid in the near future.

So let us talk about the new album you guys recently dropped. How long did it take for you guys to write the new album?

It's hard to tell, really. It's been 8 years since our last official release, and some songs - or, at least riffs and parts if songs - are from around that time. We recorded a promo with three songs in 2006, that we only sendt to labels, and two of those songs were rerecorded for "The Devil builds". Lots of stuff has been discarded as time's gone by, and I guess we worked on all the songs all the way until the recording started. But, as far as songwriting goes, some songs materialize in mere hours or even minutes, and some songs need time to incubate, and more fine tuning if you will.

As a sidenote, we might open the casket in that last song from the 2006 promo. It's a cool track called "Dobermanifesto" that didn't really fit into "The Devil builds", but we'll see if it'll end up on a future 7" vinyl maybe.

That would be awesome. I'll have to find that demo somewhere and give it a listen. And would this release be coming from Godeater as well?

That 2006 promo was never released in any way, apart from being sendt to a bunch of labels. Two of the tracks; "Scavenger of a dead world" and "Contagion (The Disease)", has been rerecorded for "The Devil builds", but those recordings might end up somewhere too. We'll see. It's the only recording with our previous drummer Vegar Vyl (Keep of Kalessin, Gorgoroth), and the track "Dobermanifesto" has some grim guest growling by Krell of Bloodthorn, so we really want to get this stuff released in some form.

And to answer your question; we've been talking with GodEater Records about doing a 7", but we'll see what happens. We're focused on the new album right now, and take one step at the time.

Well that is a bummer. I am hoping that you guys can release the original recordings in some sort of format in the future. Maybe once the new album and all the press subsides in a few months, you guys will be able to set something up.

I am glad that we got to talk to you guys about the new album and some of the future plans you have in store for those who follow you. As I said before, The Devil Builds is a solid album and I can see it taking you places in the future. Are there any last words or bits of advice you want to give before we end the interview?

Advice? I'm not really in any position to teach or preach, but I'd say one thing. Play the music you wanna play regardless of any genres. Forget all about trying to belong in any scene for anything apart from the music, because it shines through, and you'll never end up as anything more than a wannabe. Ok, that's the advice then. Came across as kinda harsh, maybe, but fuck it.

Feel free to contact us via email or at Facebook. We're also at Twitter, so check that out. If you can't find our new album "The Devil Builds" in your local store, you can order it directly from us, or get it online via iTunes, Spotify, AmazonMP3, etc. Thanks for the interview Jeffrey! Keep it up with Ultima Music Blog! Death awaits!

Thanks again to Torstein of Chton for the interview. Always glad to get to talk to quality people from quality music projects. Check out Chton on the links above (in the interview) and go and buy the album if you can! You can also check out my review of the band's newest album HERE.

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