Wednesday, October 17, 2012

EP Review - Dead End Massacre by Shotgun Rodeo

     Trondheim, Norway has been producing quite a few great bands as of late, especially these guys. Shotgun Rodeo was formed in 2008, by member Don Shrediablo. However, due to several reasons beyond control, the band disbanded in 2009, and they had only produced a demo at that time. Earlier this year, Shotgun Rodeo revived itself with Don and new members that manifested a new type of energy the band never experienced before. This EP marks as the new starting point for the band, and to be quite honest, it is a solid foundation for the band's future. These guys range from 19 to 23 years of age but the way they sound, it seems like they should be quite a bit older. We take a dive into their EP, Dead End Massacre, and give our thoughts on their debut EP release.

     Dead End Massacre can be described as one of those EPs that stays in one direction and keeps a steady heavy vibe through and through. Shotgun Rodeo seek to prove themselves, and do just that. From the get go, you immediately start the usual fist-pumping and headbanging as you would with most metal albums. If you are a fan of Lamb of God and Grave, you will dig this EP to no end. "Zombie Messiah" kicks everything off, with an onslaught of drums that transforms into a more melodic beat combined with the guitar as the song progresses. The vocals are one of the major focal points of the EP, as they contain the qualities of the influenced bands above. "Zombie Messiah" clocks in as the longest track, at almost 7 minutes. "Image In Red" is the perfect example of the mixture of thrash, groove, and heavy metal these guys possess. The chugging riffs are easily addictive, especially when fused with the thrash elements. The music these guys create is easily addictive, and creates a lasting memory on your ears.

     "Labeled Sick" plays off of the same formulas as demonstrated before. If you're looking for the band to take chances or putting something new into their music, you won't find it. For this EP, it works because it is a solid formula and they put their own character into it enough that it isn't just a carbon copy of bands already out today. "Warborn" is most likely my favorite track out of the five. The introduction is solid and heavy with a fast-paced tempo feel to it. The track takes on somewhat of a slow down. Don't be discouraged however, as the band finds the perfect way to keep it heavy and intimidating. The final track, "Lights Out", closes the EP in the perfect and fierce fashion. The vocalist uses more of those high end screams, showing some versatility I have been wanting to hear the entire EP. "Lights Out" marks as a great finisher and hopefully it leaves you with a wanting feeling, as it did with me.

     Although these guys aren't exactly groundbreaking and paving new paths musically, they execute well and create a great first and lasting impression. From beginning to end, you will find yourself immersed in heaviness from all sides. I am hoping these guys seek to produce a full length album in the near future. If they do decide on this, I do hope they add a bit more of their own flavor to the mix. I say this because the sound they have now has already been explored, and you can tell their is some sort of potential lying in wait that could really propel these guys further. If you're looking for a band that mixes the genres in a perfect blend and graciously show off their influences, then Shotgun Rodeo will definitely work for you. Check these guys out when you get the chance!

Release Date: September 28th, 2012

Track Listing

1. Zombie Messiah
2. Image In Red
3. Labeled Sick
4. Warborn
5. Lights Out


Don Shrediablo - Guitars
Vic Evil - Drums
Sinner Marstad - Bass
Terje Mikalsen - Vocals (session)

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