Monday, October 29, 2012

EP Review - It Was Predestined by MaelstroM

     MaelstroM are set to re-release their 2008 effort, It Was Predestined, through Itchy Metal Entertainment in an official digital release. Although these guys have quite the following on their social networks, It Was Predestined never really made it out of the underground to reach potential fans. This new opportunity to reach to even more progressive heavy metal fans should reach it's highest peak once it reaches the right channels.

        In the music scene today, you don't really hear of any bands that have survived since the 1980's. You could say that the bands Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and more of the like have done fairly well, but I'm actually talking about bands that have a "popular" status which only resides within the underground scene.  MaelstroM has remained underground for quite a while, and have demonstrated their will to survive and thrive quite impressively. It Was Predestined should improve their chances of them staying around even longer.

     "Arise" is the first track, providing an introduction that may not surprise a lot of listeners. The acoustics ease you in, slowly progressing to a heavier sound. Once the music kicks into gear, you'll find yourself in a bombardment of heavy metal riffs alongside vocals that take on the theatrical as well as deathly styles. The journey has it's moments, including the stop and go chugging of the guitars and rhythms as well as the driving melodic instrumental sections. The vocals aren't horrible, but I am happy that you are able to get a "glimpse" of the music instead of the entire focus being set on one element of the band. "Arise" is a great start and really gives you a sense of what is going to happen throughout the EP.

     "A Futile Crusade" takes on a more sinister and haunting energy. The emotion depicted in the vocals as well as the instrumentals is interesting to say the least. You feel as if you're accompanying the story. You can find similar experiences with bands like Iced Earth and of course the legendary Iron Maiden. If you have an affinity with those bands, you will definitely appreciate these guys. The dark energy remains as "A Futile Crusade" plays on and you'll hear many death and progressive elements.

     "Predestined" finishes off It Was Predestined with an energy more along the lines of thrash metal. This comes to be my favorite track out of the three, due to my personal preference of thrash being my favorite genre. The raw energy and rhythm is addicting, and the creative little additions here and there to flesh out more depth, for those more interested in hearing the progressive side of things. The eruption in the last minute definitely entices you to ask for more, but as soon as that intensity makes itself present it is gone.

     After listening to It Was Predestined many times, I can see why MaelstroM is taking the chance to re-release it to the masses. The genre fusion, lengthy tracks, and variation just works for them. However, I'm not sure that this EP will provide much of a challenge for a lot of the other releases that have come out this year already, and those forthcoming. Not saying that it is bad, not at all, but 2012 has proven to be quite the solid year for many genres underneath the metal banner. Still, you should check this release out when you get the chance.

Release Date: October 20, 2008 (Re-release through Itchy Metal Entertainment October 31, 2012)

Track Listing

1. Arise
2. A Futile Crusade
3. Predestined


Gary Vosganian - Vocals
Joey Lodes - Guitars, Bass, Keys
Daniel Kleffmann - Drums

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