Monday, November 19, 2012

Album Review - Hegyek Felettem by Witchcraft - 10/10

Okay for those of you who aren't aware of the Hungarian black metal scene, I dare to say that it is one of the best in the world when it comes to fidelity to old black metal style.

This album Hegyek felettem (which is their third full length, amidst demos, EPs and whatnot) is utterly old school: No “depressive”, no dull parts, no extreme repetitive, albeit there’s no legerdemain to say they are an evolution of the style: FUCK THE EVOLUTION. What they do is to keep the listener attention by adding a minimum of variants to their extreme hateful sound.

The CD has 32 minutes of pure delightful for fans of Darkthrone (mainly for the Transylvanian Hunger and Under a Funeral Moon, and similar bands like Kult Ofenzivy (from Czech Republic).
No blends with silly good sounds, no computer sounds, no symphonic sounds and absolutely NO SHOEGAZE. Hahahahaha.

This is definitely an item for die-hards and it will not disappoint.

The second track "Megittam A Vért" has some noises; sharp noises with guitar which one dares to call solos. "Arcomon Gyûlölettel" delivers the pure despicable black metal sound not intended for kids who think black metal is COF or Lantrôs: Just piss off, this is real Magyar kvlt. Kudos go to the thrashy/heavy solo in the middle of the song, just to give place to a torrent of non-stop drumming and riffs. If they are not original, they keep up with the old tradition.

The CD’s has 8 tracks with no great surprises, because surprises are for suckers.
Of course, being Hungarian, the band contain members of Kolp and Veér, two high profile projects from Magyar lands, and if you haven’t perceived, the lyrics are ALL sung in their native non-indo European language, which adds heaps of kvltness to their resume.

If you are into old school and a worshipper of the past days when Black Metal was meant to be for the hermetic circle and not to a bunch of wannabes pseudo-kids, believe me, this is the band and the album of your dreams. Get it now!

Rating: 10/10
Release Date: October, 15 , 2012

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Track Listing

1. Istentelen (Godless)
2. Megittam a vért (I Drank the Blood)
3. Arcomon gyűlölettel (With Hate on my Face)
4. Hegyek felettem (Hills Above)
5. Összeesküvés (Conspiracy)
6. Fekete és hideg (Black and Cold)
7. Csak a fagy (Only the Frost)
8. Vörös köd (Red Fog)


Angmar - Vocals, Lyrics (Mystagog, Diecold)
Wlr - Guitars, Songwriting (Unholy Blasphemies)
Elzeril - Bass (Vérzivatar, Veér)
Knot - Drums (Kolp, Veér)

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