Friday, November 16, 2012

Album Review – The Measure of Waste by Veér - 8/10

Another excellent band from Magyar land, this album was in fact released in 2009 by a combined action between the labels Caverna Abismal Records from Portugal and Neverheard Distro from Hungary and now the latter is re-releasing  this fantastic album in the form of an LP and MC in 2012.

Of course containing member of Kolp and the kultest band from Hungary Witchcraft, this is not a simple continuation of those bands. While Kolp is a project which deals with more depressive and repetitive stuff and Witchcraft is pure primitivism in form of old school black metal, Veér is more sophisticated, with a better sound, better production reflecting the new dawn of black metal.

All songs varies from fast to introspective, and if you’re keen to this kind of black metal you will find lots of reasons to like them.

The construction of the songs per se, are very good and somewhat stick to the minds.

The variations keep going and going, and if they are not original, they do their work with aplomb.

For example, in the third track, "All These Things Will End", they manage to entertain the listener, but if they don’t do the raw sounds of old Norwegian kult they do a more professional approach of German bands like Negator or like the Swedish, Setheral and Lord Belial. They are not mere imitators of course, and these comparisons are just for mere reference.

The ten tracks packed in 37 minutes of pure BM ritual are all alike though, which means that if they do have the variety and musicianship there are no highlights either.

All in all this is an album for black metal buffs worldwide and it does deserve a chance!

PS: This re-release has a new artwork.

Rating: 8/10
Release Date: October 15thth , 2012

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Track Listing
1.We've Lost in Light  
2.Pull the Trigger 
3. ...All This Things Will End 
4. Novaya Zemlya 
5.Obsessed in Peace of Mine 
6. Praise be to Roach  
7. Flesh Dominates  
9. This Spring is the Last


Paga - Guitars  
M. - Guitars - Witchcraft
Major - Bass - Vortex, 
Knot - Drums - Witchcraft, Kolp
Jim Jones - Vocals - Kolp, Level Exit

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