Thursday, November 15, 2012

Album Review - The Outside by Kolp - 7/10

hails from Hungary. They present to us their brand of black metal that is monumentally repetitive with this second full-length, The Outside.

Somewhat remembering the sound of another band from the TOT roster, Melencolia Estatica, Kolp is a duo (formed by Knot of Witchcraft and Véer and Jim Jones, also from Véer) that satisfy themselves by playing a synthetic sound in a state of trance that cannot be called industrial because there are no electronics in their music, instead the way they utilize the guitars (maybe directly plugged to a computer) is not the way it used to be recorded in the past. That’s their way to sound, let’s say, contemporary. I say “they” but Knot plays all instruments.

Apart from that, their sound is utterly hypnotic, utilizing the tactic of long phrases, rarely getting fast (exceptions here and there, mainly in the first song "There Was No Place to Hide" and in the fifth track "The Place").

The rest of the material is intentionally slow and recurrent.

Nothing really original but their European sound never gets old and it is an interesting exercise of mortification to survive the 8 tracks of the CD.

Solos are scarce and it’s only there to make some difference.

The Outside is a melancholic and pensive opus for those who never get enough of the same old formulaic brand of black metal that utilizes stylistic elements from the past but still remains a band from the new harvest of the style.

Rating: 7/10

Release Date: November 12th , 2012

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Track Listing

1. There Was No Place To Hide
2. The Initial State
3. Drowning
4. The Void And The Silence
5. The Place
6. Completion
7. Interface Has Dissolved
8. The Outside


Knot - everything
Jim Jones - vocals

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