Wednesday, November 28, 2012

EP Review - Five Pounds by Hitchcock Blonde

     Is it just me or are there a ton of alternative rock bands releasing some solid works this year? Hitchcock Blonde joins the ranks of the rock scene with this stellar EP, Five Pounds. These guys hail from London, where they have been busy putting on high energy shows and taking these shows to some high quality venues. Hitchcock Blonde isn't heavy by any means, so don't expect too much of a hard rock vibe coming from them. They are fronted by Ella Grace, who brings the ever so popular female vocals which fuses in some of that blues and pop rock sound. See what the hype is all about.

     Five Pounds starts off at a solid pace with a great little instrumental introduction from the guitar. To be honest, when I read about their female singer, I figured I would cringe when I heard her voice. This surprisingly didn't happen, as her voice ends up being pretty enjoyable. She doesn't have to try to sound good, unlike other rock female vocalists that try too hard and just sound horrible. Her voice has attitude, yet a frail emotion depicted within as well. She isn't the main attraction either. The band is balanced and you get a barrage of sorts from the instrumentals as well. "Baby Knows Best" provides a great first impression for this band, so I'm already hooked in. "Buzz Kill" comes off as a bit poppy for my tastes. It isn't too bad, but the variety does show that the band can move around. You'll end up finding yourself humming along after a few listens though, trust me. "Cutglass" continues the trend a bit, and I almost feel like there is a sense of Imogen Heap in how the rhythms and styles just come together (it could be Frou Frou but I can't place it at the moment). This little pop element brings me back in to the fray. Damn you catchy melodies.

     "Sexy Like You" brings in that fun perspective of music. This track sounds a bit more like the radio friendly stuff nowadays. Not my cup of tea but it could suit others. "Let It Go" is the shortest track of the EP, but contains the most energy, in my opinion. Again there is that "single" quality to it, but at the same time it isn't as bad as the previous song. Near the middle of the track, Ella shows off how high she can actually sing and it doesn't break the ears. We enter into the last track, "Animal", where the EP ends with a bang. The funk vibe is welcoming and the energy plateaued (this continued from the previous track). "Animal" slows down later on, which is surprising but it adds that "cool" element. Even though the band doesn't provide much atmosphere, they make it up with attitude and confidence. The light strumming near the end ends this work perfectly.

     Hitchcock Blonde bring a special energy. This energy isn't exactly straight up in your face, but they mix up their sound well enough to get their music out there while also still being enjoyable. I wouldn't be surprised if these guys start getting played on the radio in the near future. I just hope they keep a hold of the sound they have and keep making music that throws a few surprises out there for their listeners. If you get the chance, check these guys out especially if you dig alternative rock with a bit of blues and pop mixed into it.

Release Date - November 1st, 2012
Website -

Track Listing

1. Baby Knows Best
2. Buzz Kill
3. Cutglass
4. Sexy Like You
5. Let It Go
6. Animal


Ella Grace - Vocals
Drew Wynen - Guitar
Joss Nightingale - Bass
Ben Davies - Drums

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