Friday, November 9, 2012

EP Review – Through the Eternal Damnation by Engulfed

Engulfed is a new band from Turkey who has no credentials except from their strong and competent death metal sound. 
This EP has only 4 songs in 24 minutes but it’s suffice to showcase their power of destruction when the subject is old school death metal. 

Carrying influences of American Primitive Death Metal bands such as Incantation and Autopsy, the first song, "Triumph of the Impious", exhibits fast blast beats, on-your-face lyrics and riffs that make the dead arise from their graves.

The second track has a bit (just a bit) of influence of Impaled Nazarene. "Summoned" destroys the place with its piercing soloing, intended to hurt one’s eardrums. Parts of doom amidst the total desolation are found but they are rapidly substituted by blast beats again. Primitive as fuck! By the way, those doom-laden parts may lead you to a familiar sound, that of the Turkish Incantation. Heaviness only for die hards.

You'll find even more destruction on the track "Supreme Lord of Blasphemy". The vocals are directly spewed from Satan’s mouth and a gargantuan amount of obliteration is the blueprint of this beautiful song. One feels like is being dumped by a lorry full of atomic debris. Once again the doom parts are more noticeable on this one, with extra minutes of snail paced music.

"Inseminated with Demon Seed", the last and longest song bears the same identity of the previous tracks, full of mortal riffs and whatnot.

Judging by this first opus, this is a band one cannot mess about: Engulfed is a name to keep, and soon they will be as great as acts like Cemetery Urn, Dead Congregation and Nechros Christos just to name a few.

Rating: 8/10
Release Date: November 5th, 2012

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Track Listing
1.Triumph of the Impious
3.Supreme Lord of Blasphemy 
4.Inseminated with Demon Seed

Line up:
Serkan – vocals, bass
Mustafa - guitars  
Aberrant - Drums

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