Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Single Review - Owls and Snakes by BatAAr - 9/10

     Metal has quite a few sub-genres. Some are well known while others are hiding in the midst. Or you have a genre that isn't really recognized but at the same time people understand what you mean when you mention it. Although I'm not too familiar with art metal, it did seem to spark somewhat of an idea in my head of what it would be about. I do know of a band or two that resides in the genre (the first to pop into my head was Dir En Grey) but as I said, it isn't a genre I find myself listening to music from on a daily basis. If I had to think of some sort of definition, I'd have to say that it is a fusion of glam, gothic, and other added genres (depends on the band with that one) and creating a work of art that the listener can easily follow along with but at the same time it doesn't follow any sort of guideline.

     Recently, I came across a band that places their genre home in that of art metal. BatAAr has been labeled with many genres, including deathcore, djent (it isn't a genre, I'm just using it as an identifier), electronic and alternative metal. I can understand a group being labeled by quite a few genres, but some of these are on totally opposite sides. So with that, they decided they would just go with art metal. They have been working on new material since the beginning of 2012, and after a bit of research, their newest single they are releasing is quite different from some of their past projects. Here is what I think of "Owls and Snakes", from their Owls and Snakes EP.

     While reading the description of this song before giving it a listen, the band mentions that this single is the first ever without harsh vocals. As I had mentioned above, this track ends up being quite a bit different from the other stuff they have done. If you take a quick listen to their music on YouTube, you'll find they are pretty focused on the heavy sounds, harsh vocals, and the creation of a powerful presence. "Owls and Snakes" does a complete 180. Starting off with some sort of 80's influenced piano (which is actually kind of catchy) and transitions into a smooth rock vibe. You'll find this track doing plenty of transitions through styles, enough to keep it interesting. From the smooth rock, to a more hard-hitting, almost melodic metal sound, and you even get some of the electronic genre into the scheme of things. I'm always a guy about variety and BatAAr do a great job in keeping it interesting and on track at the same time. The clean vocals are very well done. Sure, there are some effects used in certain sections of the songs, but this shouldn't steer you away at all. If you're into Dir En Grey, you'll definitely dig the vibe throughout "Owls and Snakes". There is a deep, depicted emotion and you can feel every edge of that. Although this song spans over a fewer amount of genres than those of the past, you could still consider it "art metal" in a sense, because of the presentation and flow.

     I'm hoping these guys create a full length album in the near future. After hearing this track, I just hope that they become more active with their music and releases. If "Owls and Snakes" depicts a new path of music that these guys are going to travel, I am all for that. Check out their newest single HERE.

Note: You'll notice that the link is to an EP. The other two songs contain one track that can be compared to "Owls and Snakes" as it's opposite track and the other is a live version of "Tertias Bestia". You should still check those out too! 

Rating - 9/10
Release Date - November 7th, 2012
Website -


Seb - vocals
Patrik - guitar
Simon - guitar
Jake - bass
Tobias - drums

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