Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Album Review - From Zer0 to Hero

Band: From Zer0 to Hero
Album: From Zer0 to Hero (Debut Album)
Country: Patrai, Greece
Year: 2012
Overall Rating - 8.5/10
Vocals - 8.5/10
Instrumentals 9/10

It took days of quality research to run into an elusive Greece band that goes by From Zer0 to Hero. Their debut album, really does illustrate heroic instrumentals, insane screams, and interchanging cleans to deliver the full package. Do not let the cleans fool you, they belt the brutality sound you want to hear.


This album offers the audience a barrage of uptempo drumming, a variety pack of screams/growls, and soothing cleans. Throughout the album, you will find more and more likable features they have to offer. For example, "Shooting Star" is non-stop mosh pit material, full of uptempo melodies and drums. On the other hand, the close to this song quiets the madness and explodes with awesome cleans. I must commend the overall ability to orchestrate tempos perfectly and promote head banging all in one compact disc. Lastly, I must not forget my favorite song, "Re-Conform," because it is such an addictive, pure metal sound. Appealing blend of screams and cleans and their patented use of double bass.


This is all based on tastes when I offer my opinion on dislikes. I do feel that some of their growls almost dive into a sludge sound, but their epicness with the transition game is so incredible it almost goes unnoticed. Additionally, the clean vocals really hit the spot on certain songs, and a little less on others. For example, "She Rules the Night," I felt could have had more powerful cleans to enhance this song to full potential. Nonetheless, this is a debut album and I would not be writing about them if I didn't feel the pure talent within the group.


Track  List:

1. Lonely Road
2. Walls of Misery
3. Shooting Star
4. Re-Conform
5. This is My Way
6. Interlude
7. Crown Full of Blood
8. She Rules the Night
9. Hero


Manu - Vox
Bill - Guitars
Ilias - Drums
Neo - Bass

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