Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Album Review - Suffering is the Seed by Nepente

Colombia is the house of one of the most important bands in South America: Hadez, who create traditional death metal like in the old days. So it was not surprise that another Colombian name would come to prominence, named Nepente.

But strangely this is a 50/50 album. I explain myself.

Albeit highly brutal, unbridled, and showing a decent production in the form that it is made worldwide, Nepente fails to entertain. It is noise for noise sake.

The extremely fast drums will make the happiness of those avid for mega brutal attack, and believe me when I say, this shit is brutal. But that seems to be the only attraction of the band.

All the songs sound the same and they stick to a formula: brutal blast beats, some drums fills, and brutal blast beats again. The vocals vary from mega guttural to bellowed. So far so good. The problem is, they do it throughout the 41 minutes of CD. Once they discovered the recipe they kept on repeating it over and over again.

The never-ending vocals leave no space for a solo for example, that would put some variety in their music. I’m not talking about being fancy and overtly technical, but an adjustment here and there would do the trick.

Apart from that, Nepente will satisfy the souls avid for utter violence and if you can’t resist a blast beat for the sake of it, this is your weapon of choice.

Rating: 6/10

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Track Listing

1.Suffering Is the Seed
2.Hell Is the Name of This Land
3.Merciful Death
4 Hear Me Howl
5.Slaves Will Always Be Slaves
6.Die for Me
7.This Shroud Is Yours
8.The Swamp


Wilmar Correa - Bass
Mauricio Aristizabal - Drums
Juan Pablo Buitrago - Guitars
Esteban Daza - Guitars
Jose Fernando Ospina - Vocals
Pablo Vasquez - Guitars

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