Thursday, December 27, 2012

EP Review - When Myth and History Merged into Mystery by Frost Giant

     Frost Giant is an interesting band from Pennsylvania. These guys put forth an effort that I will surely remember for quite a while. They take on a different approach with their music, which is a fusion of genres that are pretty much on the opposite sides of one another. Imagine viking themed folk metal fused with influences from the hardcore punk scene of the 90's. Now you see why I think they are pretty interesting, right? Here is a review of their latest effort, which may surprise you.

     When Myth and History Merged Into Mystery starts out with ferocity, much like that of the heavier folk-themed metal albums. The vocals take on a rough tone at the start, and are joined by a cleaner set of vocals later on. The "folky" feel flows throughout, so you won't be introduced to any of that punk stuff just yet. This track won't exactly make or break it for listeners. I think that the next track, "A Common Son", may end up hitting buttons. This tune starts out with some of the same energy as before, with a folk chant of sorts. This then changes up to the instrumentals taking a bizarre turn into something of almost the skater punk nature. This change of "upbeat energy" may knock a few people over at first. I knew that I was when I listened to it for the first time. You'll find that this added dimension adds more melody, which can be borderline addicting.

     "Heathen's Lament" has a bit of a fiercer guitar tone that I dig. The introduction isn't exactly rough, but the way it is presented it feels like it ought to be. Again, you're thrust into more sounds of the folk nature and I can say this new presentation of the genre (at least to me) is something I can appreciate. The "hardcore punk" characteristic comes in with the vocals in some areas, where the singing gets a bit harsher. The instrumentals and vocals are balanced well. The band is able to show off the catchy rhythms in sections and the vocals are able to do the same. They know that they are in it together. This is a problem a lot of the times with other bands that let one overtake the other and the vibes always get thrown off.

     I love how this EP changes directions with the sound. It works well and allows that variety factor to be packaged in such a small amount of time. "Not While I Draw Breath" changes things up with the catchier punk demonstrated earlier.

     The last track is almost my absolute favorite of this work, just for the simple fact it is a recreation of another artist's work and it is done well. "Someone Like You" by Adele being recreated into a "punk viking" song is just very well thought out as well as hilarious. Although it isn't as heavy, it still feels like it is genuinely Frost Giant. I'm really hoping to see more from these guys later in the future.

     They have a formula and sound that differs so much from other artists I've heard that they create a lasting impression. This EP demonstrates a great potential, just as other EPs have done for me this past year. If they continue on this path and momentum, I think they'll find themselves in a great spot in the music scene.

Release Date - April 21st, 2012
Website -

Track Listing

1. My Life For Yours
2. A Common Son
3. Heathen's Lament
4. Not While I Draw Breath
5. Someone Like You (Adele Cover)


Matti Frost - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Jonathan Smith - rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals
Scott Breustedt - rhythm and lead guitars
Jason Esbensen - bass
Rich Berends - drums, percussion

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