Friday, January 27, 2012

News: Impending Doom releases album artwork for "Baptized In Filth"

California-based Christian death metal band, Impending Doom, are releasing their fourth full-length album, "Baptized In Filth", on March 13. The cover artwork for the album can  be seen below, as well as an official lyrics video for "For The Wicked". 

Impending Doom will be taking part in the Metal Alliance Tour 2012 along with Devildriver, The Faceless, Dying Fetus, Job For A Cowboy, and 3 Inches of Blood.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

News: Fear Factory release new album title

Los Angeles cyber metal band, Fear Factory, are naming their newest upcoming album, "The Industrialist". The album is due in May, through AFM Records in Europe, and through Candlelight in the US.

An interview with the band: In a January 2011 interview with, Fear Factory vocalist Burton C. Bell stated about the band's plans to go into the studio to record the follow-up to 2010's "Mechanize", "We wanna take our time doing it. Personally... 'Mechanize', don't get me wrong, is a good record — I'm very proud of it — but it's gotta be better than that. I've got plans where I'd like to do a full-on concept again — story, artwork. Just make it real cerebral. But there'll definitely be another Fear Factory record, maybe in 2012."

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

News: Tesseract to release acoustic EP

Progressive metal band from the U.K., Tesseract, are working on an acoustic EP, titled "Perspective". The EP is due for a spring release through Century Media Records. The EP will contain reworked versions of tracks from the album, "One", plus "a very special" cover version.

From the band: "Commented Tesseract bassist Amos Williams: "The EP was inspired by an acoustic session we filmed last year in New York, whilst on tour with Protest the Hero. It made us realize that a few of the tracks sounded really great when re-arranged and approached at from a different perspective.

"Once we finish off this EP, we will stay in the studio and begin work our new album. This is shaping up to continue the Tesseract sound we began to develop on 'One'. A sound that is dynamic, tender, crushing, soaring, visceral, beautiful, emotive and heavy. A box of contradictions and infinite possibilities. With maybe the exception of Euro House... we're not really that into Euro House... sorry."

Below you can view the "April" bass video on YouTube.

News: Barren Earth releases trailer for "Barren Earth"

Finnish progressive death metal band, Barren Earth, releases a trailer for their upcoming sophomore album "The Devil's Resolve". 

"The Devil's Resolve" will be released in North America on March 13 through Peaceville Records. The effort will be made available on CD and vinyl.

"The Devil's Resolve" track listing:

01. Passing Of The Crimson Shadows
02. The Rains Begin
03. Vintage Warlords
04. As It Is Written
05. The Dead Exiles
06. Oriental Pyre
07. White Field
08. Where All Stories End
09. Martyrs of Devotion (special edition)
10. World in Haze (special edition)


Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow the Sun) - Vocals
Olli-Pekka Laine (ex-Amorphis, Mannhai) - Bass
Kasper Mårtenson (ex-Amorphis, Ben Granfelt Band) - Keyboards
Janne Perttilä (Rytmihairio) - Guitar
Marko Tarvonen (Moonsorrow) - Drums
Sami Ylisirniö (Kreator, Waltari) - Guitar

Album Review: Dissona by Dissona - 9/10

     Lately, it has been very difficult for an album to really knock me out of my shoes. Of course there are plenty of good albums out there that can really catch my ear and thoroughly enjoy them, but a lot fall short of being fantastically good. I recently found an album while surfing the web that was released earlier this month and I figured why not give it a shot. After listening to it a few times, I have to say this is one of the best albums I have heard in a while for sure. Check out my review of it below!

     Hailing from Chicago, Dissona brings us a self-titled album that doesn't disappoint. Fusing progressive metal elements and theatrical composition, Dissona defines a genre all in its own. Spanning thirteen tracks, each at about 5 or so minutes (excluding the interludes), the self-titled definitely draws in the listener and will keep you enthralled even after the album finishes. The album starts out with the track "Inverted Swarm", slowly drawing in as if it was already playing from a previous song. The intro comprises of electric guitar, accompanied by electronic ambience. This goes on for about a minute and a half until the vocalist starts in along with a gentle guitar. The vocals are soft and gentle, sounding almost like a ballad from a power metal album. This song becomes very intricate later on, fusing harsh and clean elements all over the place. "Fiction" basically adds more to "Inverted Swarm", adding more harsh vocals on top as well as using a somewhat similar melody. Keyboards enter into the backgrounds of this song, or at least become more profound. This song has more of a direct, bestial approach in some areas of the song than the previous. "Nest" definitely has an intriguing intro, that of a fire burning and crackling, and then demonstrating more of what this album offers. Further along the album, you'll find that each song is definitely different, but definitely fits. "Fawn" begins as a slow song for the album, then gains such intensity you don't expect it. Dissona definitely knows what they are doing when composing their music for sure. My favorite tracks would have to be "Interlude II" which leads into "Lapse of Hysteria". "Lapse of Hysteria" song is a bit more progressive/theatrical in the beginning but about the three minute mark you can hear more of the industrial influence, and it fuses so well. The industrial-like sounds in these tracks were really well done and appealed to me more so than the others, as well as the vocals.

     During the first listen of this album, my reactions were very positive. The combining of the different singing styles and instrumentals really defined the album. The vocals may vary with listeners but I thoroughly enjoyed them as they give a power metal type of vibe, while also introducing a slightly deathy, bestial tone. The instrumentals were unique, varied, and never bored me. Combining elements of different genres into one is one of the many positives of this album. Epic solos, tribal chants, and even some fancy keyboard work comprise only a few small parts of this album. After several listens of this album, I can quite honestly say this is an album I can see myself picking up to listen to quite often over the course of the year. Insane instrumentals topped with some variety of vocal styles really help this album shine as well as re-playable.

Rating: 9/10 - This album is superb on many levels, and really doesn't let up on any aspect of the music. If you're a fan of power metal, progressive metal, or just something new and unique, you should definitely look into buying this album.

Favorite Tracks: Fiction, Immersion, Interlude II, Lapse into Hysteria

Release Date: January 14, 2012

Dave Dubenic - vocals
Matt Motto - lead Guitar
Logan Wright - keyboard, rhythm guitar
Craig Hamburger - bass
Drew Goddard - drums, percussion

You can listen to the full album below in the BandCamp player. Also you can buy the album in digital or physical form.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Deal: Buy Fury's two albums, get a free T-shirt!

     Got something cool for those that love some metal. If you have read any of my previous posts, you will definitely know about an up and coming metal band from the UK known as FURY. They are releasing a new EP next month, which I will review for sure, and have also announced a special deal for today. Buy BOTH of their albums HERE and you'll receive a free shirt as well! Pretty good deal if you ask me, as shirts can be pretty expensive. Shipping is pretty cheap too, so if you dig the band, grab this deal as soon as possible!

Also, check em out in the metal section of the blog! Show some support for the independent artists!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Album Review: Desperation Daze by Broken Romeo - 8.5/10

     Rock music was one of the earliest genres I had gotten into when I was younger. Definitely one of those genres I could relate to plenty of times, even now (of course I feel that Rock has become bleh as of late). Lately, rock, in my opinion, has lost its luster. I say this because if you see a lot of rock acts now, they are all recycled, unoriginal forms of themselves. But enough of that, this is a review and a review that I am glad to share with you guys. Recently I've stumbled upon a rock album that I can finally say I thoroughly enjoy for once. I bring you the album "Desperation Daze" by Broken Romeo, and here are my thoughts on it!

     "Desperation Daze" begins with it's title track, spanning for a bit over 2 minutes, slowly introducing some light guitar sounds. This intro worked very well for me, drawing me into the album even before it has really started. As the intro builds, more is added to it, such as another guitar and some ambient sounds. The intro fades away, bringing in the next song, "Mark of Cain" with some guitar work from the melody. Everyone smashes in after a few seconds, and I can already distinguish a nice, upbeat rock sound. Vocals kick in and I'm surprised, because the vocals really didn't depict the sound I was expecting. You can hear some of the vocalist's influence, deriving from what seems like a few sub-genres of rock. "Mark of Cain" definitely shows what the band is bringing to the table.

     Next up is "Believe", a bit slower, but definitely doesn't discern you away from the album. So far the instrumentals are "rockin'" so to speak and really differentiate themselves.  The vocalist takes some of the limelight with this song as well. "One In a Million" goes along more of the "mainstream" approach, with simpler instrumentals to draw in those that like catchy riffs and lyrics. This isn't a bad thing, as sometimes simpler is better. Backing vocals make an entrance here and really enhance the experience of the song.

     The slowest song on the album, "Hallelujah", shifts gears near the middle of the album. This song doesn't really appeal to me in this album, as its definitely different than any other "ballads" in other rock albums I've listened to. Even so, it's still done well and I can give them credit for that. "A Shame" brings in some nice bassy tones, and somewhat grungy vocals. Pretty much every track on this album appeals to me in a positive way. The rest of the songs are great as well, and definitely differentiate themselves from each other.

     Listening to this album for the first time, I pretty much lost all previous thoughts of what I thought this album was going to be, compared to what I've listened to before with other rock bands. The album brings in all the right melodies and tones. The lyrics actually "mean" something, and don't really respond to the trend of "partying like a rockstar". Listening to this album more, several rock genres make a debut, striving from some southern-style rock to light grunge rock. I can say that this album is a definite must buy if you love the rock genre. To my surprise, I would figure these guys would be way bigger by now. Even so, consider giving this album a listen when you get the chance.

Rating: 8.5/10 - Definitely one of the best rock albums I've had a chance to listen to recently. Catchy melodies and vocals really get you into the album and don't let you go until its over. Every song is different which really helps keep it fresh and replayable. I think I only slightly disliked one or two songs if any on the album.

Release Date: October 18, 2011

James Turpin -lead vocals, guitars 
Steve Turpin - lead guitars, vocals 
Ari Sloane - Bass 
Matt Ringnell - Drums

Desperation Daze was recorded May - June 2011 at Og7 studio in Tucson, Az. Engineered and co-produced by Broken Romeo & Nando Rivas.

You can listen to the album for free at SoundCloud and Spotify. If you really like the album than look into buying it at CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon. These guys are indie artists so buying these albums helps them out a lot!

Album Review: Flood The Common Ground by Misguided Aggression - 7.5/10

     In the world of metal, genres are one of the most abundant. From death metal, to thrash. From black metal, to doom. With the abundance of genres, you know there are some bands that are bound to merge a lot of these all together to form something pretty brutal.
     I had the chance to give a listen to an album that was released last year, which was when this blog was started and I was starting to get my bearings with it. Misguided Aggression brings us a brutal mix of genres into a solid, second full-length album named "Flood the Common Ground". The album definitely shows the influences of the band, as well as the brutality and interpreted beliefs behind the lyrics and composition. Here is the review...

     The "Intro" is the first up to bat in the album, setting the scene for the album. A minute and a half of a radio or TV broadcast describing a story of a soldier being brainwashed by government, learning to hate things for no reason that are around us, especially in war. I know a lot of metal bands like to describe their views of the war, some for and some against. This is always something I have liked about the genre. The ability to speak your mind, speak your opinion. After the intro fades out, "Winter Soldier" begins its descent and kicks you in the teeth from the get go. At the beginning it has the sound of that of some technical metal (somewhat like The Faceless to a degree). The vocals immediately remind me that of some Lamb of God influence. The end of  "Winter Soldier" ties perfectly into the intro of "Chasing Insanity". So far, I'm slightly intrigued at the different genres that the band has fused together and delivered to the listener. The next song to catch my attention is "The First Stone". The tone of the guitar squealing at certain parts is one of my favorite things to hear in this song. The drums are precise and definitely make a statement in this song. "Hidden Empire" also appeals to my ears, as its another song that's more defining and a hit in the face.

     My first listen of the album, I was pretty surprised at the different influences I was hearing all in one album. The drums and some of the guitars appealed to me as well, but the vocals somewhat set me back just a little. They remind me a lot of Randy Blythe in some degrees, which isn't bad, but I feel that the vocals are just too monotone for me, they don't seem to catch any depth. However, even with these vocals, they differ themselves from other tech-death/deathcore bands that have "set the standard" for these genres. After several listens, I can say that this album is a little bit above par for tech-death/deathcore for sure, but I think it needs to be tightened up just a bit more. A few fans may appreciate the production, as its a bit on the raw side, and even I appreciate bands that put that kind of touch on their albums.

Rating: 7.5/10 - Recommended for fans of Lamb of God, God Forbid and maybe those who like some sounds of Meshuggah. The album is short, but it works for what these guys are doing. The vocals are different for the genre and seem to work, however I feel there wasn't enough depth. The drumming and other instrumentals were really done well, and production is solid.

Favorite Songs: Winter SoldierThe First StoneHidden Empire

Release Date: June 28, 2011

Ben Dobson - Guitar
Rob DeMedeiros - Vocals
Randy Allcock - Guitar
John-Ryan Godfrey - Bass
Matt Buck - Drums

News: Meshuggah release new album details

Swedish experimental extreme metal band, Meshuggah, announced (yesterday) the album details of their eighth studio album. The album will be named "Koloss", and is set for release in Germany on March 23, Europe on March 26, and North America on March 27, as a CD digi, limited-edition Magic Cube (which contains CD digi plus DVD) and a two-LP brown vinyl.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. I Am Colossus
02. The Demon's Name Is Surveillance
03. Do Not Look Down
04. Behind The Sun
05. The Hurt That Finds You First
06. Marrow
07. Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion
08. Swarm
09. Demiurge
10. The Last Vigil

Below, you can check out the artwork as well for the new album.

Release: Cipher System release new video for "Communicate the Storms"

Swedish progressive, melodic death metal band, Cypher System, release a new music video for "Communicate The Storms". This song is the title track from their latest album, from last year. The video was directed by Patric Ullaeus of Revolver Film Company, who has previously worked with Dimmu Borgir, Lacuna Coil, In Flames, Sonic Syndicate and Kamelot, among others. The music video can be streamed below.
Thursday, January 12, 2012

Album Review: Plague of Conscience by Savage Messiah - 8/10

     Ah, nothing like a little thrash metal to start the year with. Savage Messiah brings "Plague of Conscience" up to the big boy ranks, and I say they do a fabulous job. Savage Messiah can be defined as sort of a melodic thrash metal, definitely putting emphasis on guitar solos and of course that thrashy sound you have to love. The singing isn't what you would expect in a thrash band, but it definitely works. The vocals give show more of a rock type of voice you hear sometimes. This, with a combination of high shrills and shrieks, it makes for an interesting listen. Here are my thoughts on their album...

     The album starts out with the title track, with some light instrumental work of guitar and orchestrals in the background. Enter the awesome guitar, followed by a high shrieking yell (compare to Iron Maiden or Judas Priest). Immediately you recognize its definitely thrash, which you may all know is one of my most favorite genres of music. Savage Messiah brings back that old school thrash sound, tightens it up, and gift wraps it for their listeners in an excellent piece of art. So far I am loving every second. "Plague of Conscience" is formulated well, lasting for about 5 and a half minutes. Strong choruses and an awesome, in your face solo makes you giddy for the next song to begin.

     "Six Feet Under the Gun" gives you little bit more of a taste of the instrumentals, as to not leave them out due to the strong vocals. This song slows down the tempo just a bit, but still driving and emotional. This song slightly strays away from the thrashiness and puts you more into the melodic side of the band, which isn't a bad thing. "Carnival of Souls" takes over, bringing elements of both songs prior up front. The singer brings about a bit of ferocity you'd hear from thrash metal bands, and is accompanied by some melodic thrash in the back. Don't forget the epic solo, you can never forget that.

     My initial impressions, were definitely high in scoring. I'd say this album is definitely something somewhat refreshing. Some amazing instrumentals combined with a rockin', in your face, melodic vocals that measure up to the big dogs in metal. Really stacking up and kicking you in the teeth if you're not prepared. Further more into the album, you meet some more of the slower-paced action in "In Thought Alone", but soon catch up to a hard-driving "All Seeing I". I'd say that any new person entering the genre of metal, especially from that of rock, would really enjoy this album. Fans of thrash and possibly that of the melodic metal would really appreciate the awesome that is included in this album. The last half of the album definitely kicks it into high gear compared to the first half. "Architects of Fear" and "The Accuser" really take some of the spotlight.

     After several listens, I have to say that so far 2012 is looking promising. Especially with this upcoming album rising from out of no where. The right amount of raw power and melodies definitely helps these guys stand out from others of the same genre. Each song spans at least over 4 minutes. To me this can be a good or not so good point in the making of albums. The solos are nice and "epic" but at the same time I felt some songs just should have ended sooner. This doesn't really dock that many points away but at the same time I feel it could affect the "listening quality". Overall though, this album may be a contender for best of the year already, but it may depend on what other bands bring to the table.

Rating: 8/10 - Definitely would recommend this to anybody that loves some of that thrash and melody. Good balance of instrumentals and vocals, but there can be too much emphasis on length of songs. Solid work.

Favorite Songs: Architects of FearIn Thought AloneCarnival of Souls

Release Date: January 20, 2012

Released as a free digital download from the label prior to the official release date on November 22, 2011.

Dave Silver - vocals, guitar
Sy Taplin - guitar
Ernesto "Ernie" Nogara - drums
Sasha Cron - bass

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

News: Godsic enters the Top 20 in the running for Sweden Rock Festival slot!

     A couple days ago, friends of mine, Godsic, found out that they are in the running for the next round of voting for spots in the Sweden Rock Festival. Out of 1500 bands, tunneled into 200 or so, they have made it to the final round of voting. Out of 20 bands, only three can be selected to get the chance to perform at this awesome festival. Each day from now, until January 23rd, you can vote for 1-3 bands, once a day. You can listen to a clip of their music as well by the voting. As a friend of these guys, I am hoping to get them even more votes for them so they can begin their debut on good terms. So please, if you have the time, from any internet-connected device, I urge you vote for my brothers in metal. Even if you aren't a metal fan, its still appreciated. 

Here is the link to VOTE.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

News: Amon Amarth's drummer's project completes work on new EP

     Swedish death metal band, This Ending (which features Amon Amarth's drummer, Fredrik Andersson) has completed their newest EP. The EP is titled "Systematic Worship" and contains three songs. "Systematic Worship" was recorded during late 2011 at the guitarist's studio, Audiohammer. The EP will be released on all official web pages in a digital format, one song at a time, starting in a matter of days.

"Systematic Worship" track listing:

01. Our Creation
02. Army Of (N)one
03. No More Silence


Mårten Hansen - vocals
Leo Pignon - guitar
Linus Nirbrant - guitar
Jesper Löfgren - bass
Fredrik Andersson – drums

Monday, January 9, 2012

Album Review: Grey Skies and Electric Light by Woods of Ypres - 8.5/10

   When you step into an album, especially a metal album, you have different expectations of what you're going to hear. I've been a "metalhead" for years now, with a pretty open mind. When I started listening to "Woods 5" by Woods of Ypres, I was expecting dark and drowning doom metal. This is something you would expect when you see that that is the genre they are given. Doom metal to me is very heavy, drowning with emphasis of the metal. Woods of Ypres and their latest effort really surprised me, giving a new definition to the doom/dark metal genre. Here are my thoughts about this album...

     As the first song pours out of the album, it feels kind of mainstream, mostly in the instrumentals. The beat, rhythm, and sound just catch me off guard when I start this album up. "Career Suicide (Is Not Real Suicide)" just gives off a different vibe than what I was expecting. Listening deeper into the song, the lyrics are straight forward and dark in some ways. The second track, "Travelling Alone", doesn't really give off the vibe of mainstream to me, more so kind of in between. At this point I figure out why they are considered doom, even with the combination of the "weird" instrumental composition. The rest of the album definitely doesn't disappoint. "Finality" slows everything down, being the slowest song but definitely not letting up on emotion and darkness. Including a more profound piano and string instruments, this song shows the boundaries this band can push within the genre. The two ending songs are about the only similar sounding songs on the album, as they are "parts". "Kiss My Ashes Goodbye" is basically split up into two songs, the first part being sort of an intro to the ending so to speak.

     So first impressions, I find the album pretty enjoyable the first time round. Definitely something different for me to listen to. If you're looking for a hybrid type of doom metal, like what you'd find with Job For A Cowboy or something, you won't really find that here. The singer's voice works very well to the contrast of the sort-of upbeat instrumentals, and you even get a chance to hear some deathy vocals as well. The variation throughout the whole album is actually surprising. There isn't a song that sounds like a filler, each one has its own identity and story. Even with the deep doomy vocals are portraying from the album constantly, you don't feel yourself getting bored at all. The common theme found within the whole album is very interesting, yet dark and real. Death, regret, loneliness, depression, etc. revolve around what this album is.

     After several listens, I have to say this album really impressed me. Although to some it may seem very simple and predictable in some aspects, the album is still catchy and very replayable. The contrasts in the album really stood out to me, and I feel that's what helps this band stand out among some of the genre. If you're a fan of Ghost Brigade (like I am) you may be very interested in this band. I also think that this album is something you will have to listen to several times to fully appreciate and understand what it's about.

Favorite Tracks: Travelling AloneFinalityDeath Is Not An Exit, and Kiss My Ashes Goodbye (Part II)

Rating: 8.5/10 - Definitely a great album and would recommend to anyone looking to get settled in this genre. Excellent instrumental, vocals, and production.

Album Release Date: January 30, 2012
Produced by Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Studios in Ontario, Canada.
Released on Earache Records.
Released on CD, Vinyl and digital download.

David "Veillko" Gold - guitars, drums, vocals
Joel Violette - lead guitar, bass, piano

Free Music: Not Above Evil, 4 free downloads from latest album

     A few days ago, you've most likely seen the new video from Not Above Evil. Well, with that release they are also showing a bit more love for fans and giving away four free songs just for you! You can go to their Facebook to download the links, but if you don't have Facebook than you can go to their Reverbnation and download from their as well. Enjoy the tunes! If you like what you hear, support the band and listen to their other tracks at their Bandcamp. You can also buy the digital album, or even the physical CD (like I did).

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Release: Not Above Evil releases official "Legion" music video

     "Not Above Evil is a four-piece melodic death metal band based in Manchester, UK. The band's current line-up consists of vocalist and bassist Sideeq Mohammed, drummer Daniel Mucs and guitarists David Gwynn and Damien Levette."

     Today I look in my YouTube feed and find out they have finally released a video for one of their songs off their newest EP, "The Transcendental Signified". Really excited to see one of these songs made into a video to help them spread the word about their new release. Give it a look, you can stream it from the YouTube video below. Also you can read a bit about the band as well.

     Not Above Evil was formed in late 2009 by Sideeq Mohammed, Daniel Mucs and David Gwynn with the intention of developing a unique brand of metal driven by brutality and technical precision. Only a few months after getting together the trio recruited fellow University of Manchester student, David Horton to serve as a lead guitarist and released the band's debut EP. In addition to receiving generally positive reviews the six songs off this self-titled EP would later form the basis of the band's first full length record, Deification, which they released in summer 2010. It was this release that earned them a reputation for their ability to meld heavy, technical riffs with intricate guitar melodies as well as for over the top, death-metal vocals. Critics described the album as 'well written' and 'played with confidence, self-assured, devilish pace and a crushing appetite for precision' but the consensus was that Deification was, ironically, a stepping stone to greater things.

     The band's second EP, The Transcendental Signified, marks the debut of a new guitarist after the departure of David Horton in late 2010. After an almost year long search with many auditions and shows as a three-piece the band settled on Damien Levette to take on the role of lead guitarist alongside David Gwynn. The Transcendental Signified also represents the band's foray into some of the heavier, darker and more progressive elements of their genre - an exploration which Sideeq mirrors lyrically through the fusion of the macabre imagery of heavy metal with the complexities of contemporary philosophical thought.

     The band's influences span the entire spectrum of music, including both metal and non-metal acts, but their sound can be understood as being analogous to that of a melding of the talents of Metallica, Lamb of God, Mastodon, Sylosis, Trivium, Scar Symmetry, August Burns Red, Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, Unearth and the melodic death metal of the bands originating from the Gothenburg metal scene.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Release: Monstercat Releases Best of 2011 Video

     If you're into electronic, drum and bass, electro, dubstep, hardstyle, etc. than you're gonna love this little collection of music. Monstercat releases the best of 2011 music in a YouTube video, including a playlist of artists and separate links to songs in the video. If you love what ya hear, give the artists some love and buy their music! Below you can listen to the approximate 50 minutes of pure electronic music. Also included is a playlist with links provided.

Buy the entire album at iTunes or Bandcamp.


Project 46 & Gemellini - Deadline - 0:00

Arion - Cold Blood & Ice Cream Cones - 3:30

Project 46 - Slide - 7:15

Noisestorm - Airwaves - 9:29

Varien - Cloak and Dagger - 12:30

Going Quantum - Hello - 14:40

Noisestorm - Backlash - 17:35

Ephixa - Some Wobbles - 20:37

Obsidia - Another World - 22:45

Mr Fijiwiji - Insomnia - 25:00

Noisestorm - Full Focus - 26:30

Going Quantum & Stephen Walking - Full Grizzly - 29:30

Ephixa - Dubstep Killed Rock 'n' Roll - 31:19

Matduke - The Technician (Neilio Remix) - 32:31

Muzzy - Riding The Storm - 37:05

Feint - Atlas - 40:15

DotEXE - Run Away From Me - 44:01

Neilio - Captivating - 47:40

News: Meshuggah reveals date for new album release

Meshuggah, experimental extreme metal band from Sweden, released the following update:

"After a long time of deep soul searching and intense wrecking of the psyches, the new album is finally done. Soon you will meet this colossus that will pulverize your being. Welcome to the other side on March 27."

In a 2011 interview with Guitar World magazine, Meshuggah guitarist Fredrik Thordendal was asked whether the band has been working on new music. "Yes, we are working on a new album and have been for a long time," Fredrik said. "I'm so excited about this one. We've always tried to change how we write songs to keep it exciting, but on recent albums we've also been moving further away from working together as a band. On this album, though, everyone is working together. Every day that we're in the studio, we'll play whatever song we're working on, record a demo version of it to analyze at home, and then come back the next day, talk about it and try to make it better. I think because of this, it's going to be our best album yet."

     I am excited about how this year is already turning out for music. Many new releases, shows, and albums are flooding January alone. What are your thoughts so far about this year?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

News: Seraphiel's new full EP available for full stream

     Some Finnish power metal, infused with another style or two. Seraphiel streams their new EP through the SoundCloud player below. The EP is titled "Euphory Amplified", featuring 3 tracks, which are listed below as well as the list of guest musicians.

"Euphory Amplified" track listing:

01. Blind Seer
02. In Vain
03. Euphory Amplified

Guest musicians:

* Teemu Mäntysaari (Wintersun, ex-Imperanon): guitar solo in "In Vain"
* Yrjö Gävert (ex-Chaos Infinitum]: slap bass in "In Vain"
* Mikko Tuominen: violin, backing vocals
* Marjukka Kainulainen: viola, backing vocals
* Riku Vartiainen: cello

Euphory Amplified by Seraphielband
Monday, January 2, 2012

News: Neverdream set approximate date to release fourth album

     Neverdream, an Italian progressive metal band, will be releasing "The Circle", in the fall through Twilight Zone Records.

      According to a press release, the CD's lyrical themes will revolve "around a captivating flavor 'noir,' covering topics like the human psyche and the horrors of religious fanaticism." 


Voice: Giorgio Massimi
Guitar: Giuseppe Marinelli
Bass: Andrea Terzulli
Key: Mauro Neri
Keyboards, Sax, Programming: Fabrizio Dottori
Drums: Gabriele Palmieri

Below you can stream a few songs from their previous album below.

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News: Dawn of Disease begin work on sophomore album

     Dawn of Disease, a death metal band from Germany, have just entered Soundlodge Studios in Rhauderfehn, Germany. They are beginning the recording process of their sophomore album "Crypts of the Unrotten" which is due for early summer release via NoiseArt Records.

From the band: "We really invested a lot of energy and have been collecting new ideas during the last months," the band said in a statement. "You better prepare for a huge portion of death metal! We are very much looking forward to the first recordings."


Tomasz Wisniewski - Vocals
Lukas Kerk - Guitar
Oliver Kirchner - Guitar
Michael Wächter - Bass
Mathias Blässe - Drums

     Below you can stream through YouTube some of their songs from their previous album, "Legends of Brutality".

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Release: Queen Dementia releases new single for new year

Florida-based metal band, Queen Dementia, releases a new single for the new year. "Condemned" brings in a slow, melodic, slightly doomed sound. Fronted by the beautiful female vocals, this song definitely brings 2012 in on a good note. Here is the bio of the band, and you can also check out their site. If you like their music, send them a message or buy their EP that's on sale now! You can stream the single through the YouTube video below.

Queen Dementia offers a sound that's aggressively passionate, soulful and intelligent, yet beautiful. Best known for creating a unique sound which stems from a myriad of musical influences, Queen Dementia successfully synthesizes various aspects of psychology, the human condition and emotion into an abstract, often comprehensible musical format that catches you off guard.

Queen Lana takes you on a rollercoaster of emotion with her unique vocal style which sets her apart from all other female front women and has been hailed as "One of the finest front women I have ever heard"-Outloud Magazine. Drawing on influences ranging from PJ Harvey to Maynard Keenan (Tool) makes her sonic range versatile and unpredictable. Lyrically, she explores subjects such as human emotion, loss, politics, religion, cries of the soul, and the trials and tribulations of daily life in an abstract fashion. The combination of her vocal melodies that rise above her throbbing bass lines defines her as a musician.

Joseph dominates as the only guitar composer of the trio, able to use his prowess to create a wall of sound with his crushing riffs, unforgiving chord progressions and symphonic solos. Drawing on influences ranging from Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) to Adam Jones (Tool), Joseph has formulated a style all his own which has resulted in the band’s signature sound.

Jav holds it down on drums as the backbone of rhythm for Queen Dementia. Utilizing pounding patterns in contrast with intricate, creative beats complements the melodies, bringing it all together as the glue for the band. Drawing on influences that range from Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden) to Lars Ulrich (Metallica) Jav successfully blends old school techniques with modern day style which delivers yet another unique element to the band.

Formed in late 2009, Queen Dementia has rocked audiences from West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys participating in notable shows such as Kryptonite Metalfest, Xtreme Annual Music Festival, and Femme Fest. "Queen Dementia is getting rave reviews as a creative metal band"-Florida Rock Stars and successfully have made a name for themselves in the local South Florida scene. With the latest addition of Jav on drums, the band has positioned itself to establish a footprint beyond hometown boundaries. Queen Dementia is female fronted, melodic metal at its best.

News: Update from Daylight Dies about new album

     North Carolina's, Daylight Dies, has issued the following update: "On the new album front, we've now completed guitar leads, rhythms, drums and bass guitar and clean guitar are halfway done. We'll wrap everything up in early 2012 and hopefully have a clearer idea for a release date then. Our goal is the first half of 2012. We are thrilled with how everything is sounding so far."

     Below you can hear a few songs from previous albums. This is a new band I've recently come across and I like what material they have put out so far. We shall see how this new release performs.

Release: Deeds of Flesh unveils artwork for "Portals to Canaan"

     Extreme metal band from California, Deeds of Flesh, release the artwork for their upcoming ninth album "Portals To Canaan". The artwork can be seen below. You can also listen to a pre-production teaser below in the YouTube clip. The album is due out early this year, through Unique Leader Records.

     From the band: "This is only guitar one and drum mapping (no second guitar, leads or vocals) to give the fans an idea of whats to come."


Erik Lindmark - Guitar/Vocals
Michael Hamilton - Drums
Erlened Caspersen - Bass
Craig Peters - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Corey Athos - Vocals

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