Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Album Review - Coils of the Black Earth by Maveth

Coils of the Black Earth seems to be the first De Facto full length from these Finns who have the brutal intention to merge Death and Black metal inside one monster-machine.

The sound is much, much alike the Swedish Dismember, and if it was not by the bear-like approach of the vocals, I’d expect that the guy in charge of the vocal duties, Christbutcher, to scream "SKINFAAAAAAATHER" any time during the rotation of the CD.

It’s amusing how much the band is revering Swedish metal rather than American (old school, mind you), but fortunately Maveth have qualities of their own.

Accomplished musicians, they manage their gears like they are going to start the Third World War, and if their flaw is not to be exactly an original band, at least they do what they do with proficiency; rapid fire non-stop drum fills, ever-changing riffs and phrases, destructive vocalizations, all point to the path of “go old school or piss off”.

For example, like in the title-song, they push the boundaries of headbanging in a way that just who was there between 1991 and 1993 would understand. Tech/math death metal or deathcore? No thanks, their weapon of choice is metal older as the evil itself and just for that they deserve laurels for not being another bunch of screamo kids, but die-hards of a scene that everybody, few years ago, believed it was dead and gone. Of course, as you may have noticed, they are not the only one doing this kind of retro death metal, but they show familiarity with their proposal, not making fool of themselves in the theater of metal.

The almost one hour of unremitting death metal pays off for those who have time and balls to bang their heads to the sound of Maveth. This is an honest certification that European death metal is alive and kicking. May Satan keep the things this way.

Release Date: December 18th, 2012


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01. The Devourer Within the Gulf
02. Dragon of the Continuum
03. Hymn to Azael
04. Beneath the Sovereignty of Al-Ghul
05. Hymn to the Black Matron
06. Sating Erictho
07. Coils of the Black Earth
08. To Seed the Succubbi
09. Terminus I - The Burning Offal of Hinnom
10. Terminus II - Hinnom Everlasting


ChristButcher – Guitar/Lead Vocals
Jani Nupponen – Bass
Mikko Karvinen – Guitar
Ville Markkanen – Drums

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