Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Album Review - Self-Titled by Controsigillo - 8.5/10

     Controsigillo is an Italian heavy metal band that may have a lot going for them pretty soon. They have been around since 2000, and the years of experience really shows with the release of this self-titled album. They put their own twist of the genre, and even add a few other elements to the mix.

     Diving into this full length, expect to find a few elements that stand out. Some of these elements may throw you off and others may appeal or even turn you off. Even so, I still find this album to be well rounded and quite enjoyable.

The introduction, you'll find yourself presented with a cadence-like drum beat along with a gentle strumming of the guitar. This number creates a positive note for me, as I love introductions to albums. "Crop Circles" steps up, providing the listener with the foundation, the first impression. Heavy metal chock full of riffs and great clean vocals enter into the fray. You won't find any sort of harsh vocals in this release, which is a good break from the norm that has been blasting from my audio devices as of late. They take some chances with composition by throwing in different sound styles which include the uses of odd guitar tones, random transitions, and standout vocals.

These elements occur throughout the entire album, adding a new take on heavy metal, almost giving it a progressive tone but not enough to label it as such. The many influences are apparent, but they come off as somewhat random and odd. This doesn't really take away from the music though, it actually enhances it.

"Infected Oxygen" is an instant favorite, mostly because of the guitar playing near 2:10. This is accented by the rest of the band with a catchy rhythm that just pops out, creating an atmosphere of sorts. Again, I'll say these guys have some courage to throw songs like this together.

The album throws in some other cool influences as well, including some thrash elements in "Arabian Chaos" and a metal version of samba in "Voo-Doo Samba". A decent array of variety really shows what this band is willing to do and what they can do all at the same time. To me, this acts as one of the band's strengths, however others may feel differently.

The album isn't all heavy, if that is what you're expecting. You get a slowed down heavy metal song of sorts in "Experiment 3.9.1", which looks to be a remake. It flows well, with crunchy riffs throughout. Insert a well written solo and you're pretty much golden. Another instant favorite.

Controsigillio show influence and experience in this album. As I said before, though, many listeners may be put off by this album at first but I assure you that added listens really do help with this one. The band gives off a great genuine feel as it isn't the tightest knit metal around, but they seem to be having fun with it and love what they do. Sometimes we need to listen to music that is "recorded and produced" but feels more like a jamming session or practice than anything else. You be the judge, but I say give these guys a chance. It may be a good breath of fresh air.

Rating - 8.5/10
Release Date - July 30th, 2012
Website - https://www.facebook.com/controsigillocrew

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Crop Circles
3. Infected Oxygene
4. Arabian Chaos
5. Chernobyl
6. Experiment 3.9.1
7. Voo-Doo Samba
8. Lupin3 e il Cubo di Rubik
9. Infected Oxygene (Live Bonus Track)


Simone Costadone - Guitar
Enrico Pulze - Vocals
Salvatore Mango - Drums
Davide Manna - Guitar
Giorgio Piga - Bass

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