Thursday, January 24, 2013

Death Audio + Mini Interview

Album: Self Titled
Band: Death Audio
Country: Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2013
Rating: 8.5/10

January is already off to a great start ladies and gents. Death Audio has released their debut album with a promising singer/screamer combo supported by some amazing instrumental work.


Some people likely are into metal for the guitars, screaming, and drums. I myself truly enjoy metal for those key elements, but I feel this album offers more of a clean cut sound throughout the album. Enticing guitar riffs, massive bass behind the drums, and compelling keyboards/synths. Particularly, the singer and screamer clearly use their strengths and divide both sounds well. For instance, "Fallen Souls" offers comprehensible screams with a mix and match of cleans and creative instrumentals. If you are in a headbanging mood, "Shadows" delivers double bass to keep your attention. I like the fact that you don't even hear the slightest fuzz behind their music. If I were to diagnose the band's upcoming, it was the combination of a metal-core screamer and a rock vocalist . Together it is a smooth transition of highs and lows. If you are looking for a consistent album, check these guys out.


Just as much a strength can also be thought of as a weakness. As I have stated, the singer/screamer sections are divided almost perfectly. I was actually hoping for more sections in the album that climaxed with the screamer and singer unleashing harmonic choruses together. The awesome drumming and synths could have really taken flight with some clashing of the vocals and screams. But, this is all about opinion and what type of music mood you are in.

"Fallen Souls"

Track Listing

1. Down
2. Black Rose
3. Fallen Souls
4. Memories
5. Reasons
6. Obstructions
7. This Moment
8. Place The Blame
9. Shadows
10. The Escape


Josha - Vocals
Phil - Guitar/Vocals
Will - Guitars
Tim - Bass
Karl - Drums

Just a Quick.... Q & A with Death Audio

My gut feeling says you guys came together with the vocalist and screamer and built around the two. True?

"Actually the band was born via a Drummer and 2 guitarists. So it was a definite rhythm section background. The vocals seem to come last in the majority of our songs today."
I enjoy the crisp division of screaming and singing throughout the album, was this the plan? or did it all just fall into place?

"There was definitely trial and error involved in a lot of the vocals. We do like to share the scream sing time but there is no wars involved when it comes to what goes where. We just throw down our ideas and hash them out in the rehearsal studio."

Australia is always pumping out sweet bands, any groups you would really like to collaborate with in the future?

"Well actually we just joined forces with a local metal group Empire, very pro group and awesome to work with. As far as a wishlist goes for some other groups to collaborate with it would be like Karnivool, Parkway Drive, The Amity Affliction and 12 Foot Ninja."

"Cheers Phil. Thanks for sussing us out. Hugs and High Fives all round bro."

Thank you to Death Audio for letting us in on some insight about the group. Now take some time and listen to the album!


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