Wednesday, January 30, 2013

EP Review - False Awakening by CNC

Poland provides us with a dream pop project, by the name of CNC. Their newest EP, False Awakening, sets to kick off their music career as their debut. Although it may not be the heaviest type of music, nor the most technical, I decided to give this little piece of work a spin.

False Awakening immediately reminds me of a previous EP that I had listened to a while back, by Brightest Color, that approached the dream pop genre is a much different way. CNC is all about the simple instrumentals and catchy little melodies strewn throughout, unlike Brightest Color that fused this genre with math music and coming off as more technical and somewhat not as accessible. Even so, I could tell that I was going to dig into this pretty easily.

False Awakening starts off with some beautiful, lone piano work that slowly works its way into the main melody. This melody contains the use of well placed ambient electronic work, gentle strumming of the guitar, and the ever familiar soft male vocals. You won't find any sort of spectacular display of technical musicianship. CNC is all about the mood, and playing the "dream pop" genre as it is supposed to be.

"Hearsay" picks up the pace with a quickened tempo provided by what sounds like another guitar (I'm thinking bass) and a light drumming following it along. The guitar becomes somewhat ethereal but plays an important part within the atmosphere. I'm really liking the rhythm section in this one, as I like the drive and how it sticks out.

"Vertigo" takes a different direction with what sounds more like a "dream rock" approach than anything else. This changes as "Vertigo" transitions into "Istanbul" almost seamlessly. A nice variation for sure and it earns them a few good marks.

"Where I Please" rounds off this pleasant EP with a strong finish. The rhythm section contains a bass heavy synth throughout that is well placed, in my opinion, and really accents the entire track. The melody placed above the rhythm doesn't distract you too much from what is going on with the vocals and the second melody that comes into play, which is nice. It shows that these guys know how to play with sounds and make it work.

False Awakening isn't technical to the naked ear, but with a few listens you come to find out that they put a twist on the technical term with the use of several sounds on top of each other. These sounds are simple but they work together well enough to appease technical ears of a certain aptitude. If you dig gentle and uplifting sounds, check these guys out. I'm hoping they can come up with some more releases and possibly explore some more territory. The rock aspect they showcased was pretty interesting.

Release Date - 2012
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