Friday, January 18, 2013

EP Review - The Extent of Human Error by Masochist

Masochist is a 4 piece death metal/grindcore band that hails from West Yorkshire. The band was founded in February of 2012. The will and determination of the newly founded band went straight to recording this EP and released it later in that year. The Extent of Human Error contains the fusion of the dirt and filth of grind and the brutal bloodlust of death metal.

The fusion of styles this band explores isn't new to the metal realm. This shouldn't guide you away from it at all. Masochist release an EP that will appease those who love the raw production and styles of metal. I have found that top-notch production can take a lot away from what the band is truly about. Sure, it may sound pretty, but will that same sound carry them during live shows?

The Extent of Human Error starts off fast, simple, heavy, and crushing all at once. "Born Fucked" is a pure fusion of grind and death. From the crunchy and swift playing guitars to the primitive and ever so present drum work, this track will make you bang your head regardless of the state you're in. The destructive vocals are the last bit of the puzzle, and they even showcase a few variations of styles in the first three minutes of this EP.

"Crucify The Whore" changes things around, fuses dominant heavy metal style riffs with death metal influence sprinkled on top and showcased in other areas. The track then begins to progress to their ever so familiar sound, more so death than anything else. At a first glance you would think that Masochist had much variety to their music but the subtle changes and different influences really pour out and cross over well.

"Iron Reign" throws something totally different into the mix. Black metal rhythm sections saturate a great deal of this tune, adding another dimension to this band's repertoire. Even with this surprise, however, I just can't get into this track very much. It could be just some sort of personal taste or the flow just isn't right. It is still a solid track, I just don't find myself wanting to listen to it repeatedly.

The last track, "Mass Machine Operative", rounds off this EP in the fashion you would expect. Heavy. Nothing special happens here, just the formula they have been using for the most part, mostly that of the death metal kind.

If you're looking for raw death metal taking advantage of other genre influences, check these guys out. The production fits the style and the sound, so if high quality production and clean tunes is something you look for you probably shouldn't look here. This EP is solid for sure, but I'm hoping that they release a full length that decimates this by a mile. We shall see what the future holds for them.

Release Date - November 17th, 2012


UKEM Records

Track Listing

1. Born Fucked
2. Crucify The Whore
3. Iron Reign
4. Mass Machine Operative

Liam Murnin - Guitars
Lewis Gollick - Vocals
Dale Brown - Bass
Steve Remington – Drums

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