Monday, January 28, 2013

EP Review - Pigeon Lake 1: Mindrape by Pigeon Lake

Another surprising act rises from Oslo, Norway. No, it isn't black metal. Oh, and it isn't death metal either if that was your next question. Instead, Norway decides to grace us with a band that fuses blues, thrash, "stoner" and the occasional chugging, groovy heavy metal. Pigeon Lake released their first EP, Pigeon Lake: Mindrape I, which showcases the mentioned genres in a mix of addictive melodies and the occasional banging of your head.

Mindrape I spans just under 30 minutes, which is pretty surprising for an EP, considering many albums have trouble getting past that point. Pigeon Lake don't exactly incorporate anything new in their music but they make it enjoyable and sound great.

The introduction opens this work up with a few "doom-laden" riffs that really gave me high hopes for this EP. Next up, "Unnamed" steps up to the plate, sounding more of the "stoner" genre more so than the doom genre from before. The vocals kick in and sound much like the modern blues rock singer fused with a vocal similar to Adam Gontier in some sections. The contrast is apparently when the guitar lays down the deep rough riffs, but once those groovy rockin' riffs come in, they fit perfectly. Not too bad of a surprise.

"D-Day" proves to be a bit poppy for my tastes, but it still has some great qualities. Again, it is that grooving guitar that has you start tapping your foot. "I'm Pulsive" throws in more of the stoner heavy metal instrumentals. The vocals do well with leading the band to the next section of the song and it is nice to hear that he doesn't always try to steal the show.

Although there are a few more songs to cover on this EP, they end up following the same formula as previous songs. Don't let this stray you though, as they have their own identities. You'll be pretty surprised at the last track, "Sacred", which demonstrates the "gentle" side of Pigeon Lake. It may not appeal to all, but I like the breath of fresh air and the ability these guys have to differentiate things up a bit.

There isn't much to gripe about this EP, as it follows a formula that works and also sounds great. The variety is there along with some catchy choruses. It is always good to get the best of both worlds. However, for an EP, this is pretty lengthy. It almost borders a mini-album of sorts, but I can't really call that a complaint. If you're into bluesy groove metal, this EP is perfect for you.

Release Date - 2012
Website -

Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Unnamed
3. D-Day
4. I'm Pulsive
5. Hunter (Cover)
6. Wifebeater
7. Sacred (Featuring Einar Gronbekk)


French Yeti (Chris) - Vocals, Guitar
Thromgard the Highlander (Magnus) - Guitar
Battle Orc (Kenneth) - Bass
Fake Dave Grohl (Andreas) - Drums

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