Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Gift of Life by Dreamshade + Interview

Band: Dreamshade
Album: The Gift of Life
Year: 2013
Country: Lugano, Switzerland
Rating: 9.7/10

EPIC.This is the word that shall be used to describe The Gift of Life by Dreamshade. Coming off of a more hardcore based album in 2012, Dreamshade made an adjustment that created an intensely addictive sound. You hear Soilwork, fragments of H.I.M. piano work, among others that has combined to truly amaze my ears time and time again.


To use the word perfection is hard to do, but I really feel like sections in this album nailed it. The ultimate use of high screams, low growls and high vocals blend so damn well. Overlapping, mixing, or singling out the three different sounds were creativity twisted into the instrumentals with precision. A real fine source of addictive riffs and ramped drumming is just the first piece to the final product to pay attention to. I have raped the replay button one too many times.

The major characteristic I had presented earlier in my opinion was the use of clean vocals. An awesome change, although their older albums had gems as well (check out - “Eternal”). For example, “Consumed Future,” really finalizes my description of excellent harmonized instrumentals with a clash of crisp cleans and powerful screams/growls. I am in love with the piano presence. I have often referred to the piano/synths as being the difference makers between good and great. For example, in “Sandcastles” you hear fragments in the song that contain just guitar, drums, and piano and I truly enjoy the separation of instrumental value. This will easily hit my top 5 albums on the year so check these guys out!


Sorry, not a damn thing!

Kevin Calì - Vocals
Fernando "Fella" Di Cicco - Guitars / Vocals
Rocco Ghielmini - Guitars
Ivan Moccia - Bass Guitar
Serafino "Sera" Chiommino - Drums

Small Interview

Their were adjustment made compared to your 2012 album. I personally enjoy the revamped sound. Can you give a brief description of what turned the tides?

"We wanted to creat a complete new concept of Metal. So we didn't listen to any metal album for approximately a year and a half. This helped us a lot to insert different influences and ambients in our music. In my opinion that's why everything sounds so different and fresh on this record."

As I put it in my review, I sense some the Soilwork backed screams and a H.I.M. piano presence. Were their any groups that particularly inspired you?

"We actually were not particularly insipred by a band or genre. As i said we listened to other kinds of music for a while and tried to gather new influences as much as we could to make our sound unique. Yes our singer Kevin is a huge Soilwork fan anyway."

Tour? American please? lol Who would you tour with preferably?

"We're working on it. For sure we would love to come to America. Where would you like to see us?" - Fella

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