Thursday, February 7, 2013

EP Review - Self-titled by Arc and Stones

Alternative rock band, Arc and Stones are releasing their debut self-titled EP to the masses in a powerful fashion. Arc and Stones hail from NYC, where they play a bluesy rock fused with beautiful melodies and powerful, addicting vocals. They plan on establishing themselves further into the music scene with this debut, as well as find opportunities to tour nationally.

To sum these guys up into a few words, I'd have to say "modern edition of old soul" would do the trick. Now, I'm a hidden fan of the blues and being the child of rock and metal, this band provides the perfection combination for someone like me. If you have somewhat of the same tastes or just looking for something new in these avenues, this EP may surprise you.

Diving into this groovy release, you'll find familiar riffs all over the place. Alongside that, you meet up with vocals that sounds strangely like that of Chris Cornell at times. These differentiate throughout the course of this musical journey and provides a basis of the quality you'll be getting from Arc and Stones. "Silence" starts you off at a slow pace. I almost felt like I was listening to a male version of Adele in certain sections of this tune, which isn't a bad thing either. One of the key high points of this track is the addictive chorus, and they use this to their advantage to draw you in. The blues undertone works wonders.

"Say Goodbye" almost feels grungy. Almost is the key word. I could be wrong, but it just seems that certain areas of the vocals hit a grungy tone. "Say Goodbye" can be treated as a bluesy ballad. The guitar plays a key role with the instrumental melody and the adding of a great mystical atmosphere to the mix. This tune plays as sort of a bridge to the next song, which ends up being the actual ballad of this EP, "Let Me Down". I'm a sucker for acoustic guitar, so I feel quite comfortable with this piece. I feel as though I'm listening to Kings of Leon while listening to the vocals, which could make or break the tune, to be quite honest.

"She's Mine" takes on a dancy blues rock approach. You can't help but feel some of that old school hard rock influence with this one. Arc and Stones seem to have a bit of fun with this track, which is a good thing. Although the production is polished and damn good, you can feel a sort of genuine energy emanating from the group.

The ending track of the EP, "Rise", is one of those tunes that wishes that there was more to follow. The chorus is catchy, addicting, and quite energetic compared to the rest of the composition. Although the vocalist is very much toned down during the verses, this actually comes out to be a good thing. The guitar gets to play around and show off a little bit, while the bass and drums do very well with creating a catchy foundation.

Arc and Stones is an excellent collection of work. The variety is refreshing as well as the different subtle styles the group explores throughout. I find this group will do well with EPs, and possibly short albums as this EP shows a great example of the perfect timed length for the band without them getting lost in their own sound. If you dig rock fused with blues and other similar sounding styles, Arc and Stones may be the band for you. Definitely check these guys out.

Release Date - February 12th, 2013




Dan Pellarin - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Keys
Ben Cramer - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Eddy Bayes - Bass/Vocals
Joe Doino - Drums

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