Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Phobia by Torture Killer

This death metal band from Finland recently released their newest full length album, Phobia, which showcases their growth since their creation in 2002. Torture Killer started out as a "fun project" that decided to do a few cover songs from one of their main influences, Six Feet Under. After playing around with that for a while, they decided to create some original songs of their own and ended up creating quite the buzz with their releases.

Phobia is an album that won't surprise you very much at all, but it is still a fun album to listen to and ends up being more memorable than you would initially think, considering the amount of death metal bands spawning today. I'm definitely digging this album as it has that old school death metal with that added influences from the mentioned above as well as some songs standing out with differing themes and even more added influences. Definitely worth checking out.

Release Date - March 15th, 2013

Track Listing

1. Devil's Reject
2. Phobia
3. Await His Third Arrival
4. Written In Blood
5. Faces of My Victims
6. March of Death
7. The Book Of The Dying World
8. Epitaph
9. Voices



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