Tuesday, March 5, 2013

EP Review - Echo Road by Trillion Red

Patrick Brown quickly follows up his latest full length album, Metaphere, with a 4 track EP, named Echo Road. Patrick Brown has easily made a name for himself under the persona of Trillion Red and should easily continue this trend with this latest release. Echo Road should prove to be quite the interesting addition to the ever so strong discography.

Echo Road is an EP that basically takes tracks and ideas that just didn't fit too well with Metaphere. This already proves to be interesting, as I found Metaphere to be a great album from last year. The idea of "different" tracks really appealed to me, even though there was a good chance that these tracks would falter easily compared to the previous work. Let me just say that I am glad I gave this EP a chance, as it may be a favorite of the year.

"Metaphere" starts things off with a deep, digging guitar introduction that slowly evolves into a sort of dark primitive industrial feel, or I guess more accurately described as a darkened tribal tone. This dark energy isn't anything new, but the way it is presented is beyond interesting and quite a surprising direction for Trillion Red. The atmosphere is haunting, dark, but also it feels very inviting.

"Trillivm Black" is haunting and contains a creepy combination of driving, tribal like drum rhythms and a reverbing guitar smothered on top. A crisp, simple melody starts to fuse into the established rhythm and creates an off the wall sinister feel. "Trillivm Black" continues this trend, where a few of the rhythms and melodies change and take shape, but the overall feel and atmosphere remains the same.

"Domptre le Monstre" immediately starts off with an out of this world experience. The vibe isn't necessarily dark and evil, but more so mysterious and alien. You'll suddenly hear "roars" of darkness, despair, and just plain nightmare-ish sounds emanates through your speakers (or headphones). Patrick Brown knows exactly how to get into your mind with this release.

The last track of this EP, "Memoirs of the Future", starts off with a nice acoustic playing, accented with a few dark waves of roars and the addition of some atmospheric elements. BOOM! You end up in some sort of darkened, and even somewhat primitive, industrial movement accompanied by a daunting vocal presence. This "march" of sorts, continues for a good while and although it may seem pretty repetitive, at least compared to what I listen to on a daily basis, the energy is captivating. This soon dies down, just at the right time too, and begins again with the occasional light strumming of guitar. Momentum builds, and the guitar becomes clearer, louder, and ever more present. The finish is explosive, and again feels like that of a march of sorts. If you're wanting suspense and darkness, you'll definitely find it within this release. Trillion Red doesn't disappoint.

As I just said up above, this release came to be a major surprise to me. For an EP that contains tracks that just didn't make the cut for the full-length, I'm glad that they didn't make that. I am hoping that this EP is an indication of the direction that Trillion Red decides to explore more in the future. So far, Echo Road is proving to probably be one of the top EPs of the year. I am definitely ok with this. Check it out when you get the chance, you won't be disappointed.


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