Friday, March 1, 2013

The Fall and Rise of Man by Blood of God

Band - Blood of God
Album - The Fall and Rise of Man
Country - Duisberg, Germany
Year - 2013
Rating - 8.5/10

After a miserable couple of days browsing new music, I had one more group written down to check out. It's about as lucky as winning at the casino that the last group on the list sticks. But today is that day, so I'd like to invite you all to listen to Blood of God.. Their 2013 release of The Fall and Rise of Man offers a combination of power vocals, heavy growls, and deceptive double bass. Another one of those albums that I do not have to skip songs, just go on with your computer work and enjoy.


+1 High vocals, low scream/growls
+1 Melodically appealing riffs

This group hits the spot with a steady dose of heavy instrumentals/growls that is complimented by power vocals. I particularly enjoy songs such as "Vaticano Demonico" and "The Battle", which demonstrate stellar guitar work. I chose these pieces in particular because of the tantalizing solos and overall value that caught my interest. They enhance the combined sound behind those sneaky drums. Speaking of the double bass, Blood of God does very well with adding it in at the right times. "The Camp" is a great example of this, as they choose to use the double bass as an enhancer.


I'd like to hear more creativity in these songs. "Deus Ex Machina" really got me thinking this is what I want to hear in the future. Sections of this song reminded me of Into Eternity. Sporadic changes of melody and tempo, awesome breakdown, and belting screams. I really enjoy when a song can captivate my attention with chaotically enhanced instrumentals. I love the ability to diagnose but also stray away from relying on the original chorus tempo. Additionally, I'd like to hear those power vocals get overlapped with those screams! With progression, I can see those screams sounding more advanced and the cleans blending perfectly. Nothing but positive opinions from me though. Click and listen ladies and gents.

"Tower of Shadows"

Track Listing1. Judgement Day
2. The Devil's Rising
3. Deus Ex Machina
4. Towers of Shadows
5. 666 Ways to Die
6. The Camp
7. The Battle
8. Master of the Dead
9. Vaticano Demonico
10. Ashes and Dust

LineupScarmal Kill (Vocal)
Sale Khan (Guitar)
Czakour Tippsk (Guitar)
Itmin Kopskmid (Bass)
Amad (Drums)


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