Tuesday, June 25, 2013

EP Review - Hand of Glory by The Lumberjack Feedback

Release Date - July 2nd, 2013
Label - Kaotoxin Records

Hand of Glory is the debut EP release of the instrumental doom band, The Lumberjack Feedback. Yes, you read that right. The Lumberjack Feedback is an instrumental doom band from France that follows the motto of "Low and Loud". Immediately, I'm intrigued by the fact that these guys have taken the route of not having a vocalist in their lineup. You'll also find another interesting fact; they have two drummers.

When it comes to doom metal, I find myself mesmerized by the instrumentals more than anything. The low, destructive, and menacing riffs are just too much to ignore when it comes to the sub-genre. So, given that they are without a vocalist, this gives me a chance to really dissect and full enjoy what I love most about it (but that isn't to say that some vocalist really make some doom metal releases awesome).

Hand of Glory contains only two tracks, but these two tracks span across an approximate 18 minutes in length. Most EPs barely reach that span over 3 to 5 tracks, but this is also a given when it comes to doom. "A Whisper to the Thunder" immediately settles you in with menacing guitars overlapping destructive and power drums. You get a sort of sludge and doom mixture here, which is a great way to start the pacing. As the track progresses, layers become more apparent and you can't help but feel overwhelmed, but in a good way. Bands that are able to create these type of events in their music impress me. As this progresses, The Lumberjack Feedback slowly convert to the heavier doom side of things, digging further and further downward.

"The Dreamcatcher" begins very ominously, taking that doom vibe from the previous track but adding in more of that atmosphere to have the track creep along even further. The dual drumming stands out so much in this intro, and it is safe to say that they did well with going down this route. This continues on for quite some time. A guitar layer enters into the fray, with a different energy compared to what the rest of the band is doing. This sparks the transformation into a phase heavily driven by that same guitar, with itself becoming more dominant. The transitions between sludge and doom flow very well showing that these guys focus on great songwriting.

This EP just hits the right spots for me. The length is just right for those new to the whole instrumental doom matter, although I always crave more when it comes to this type of music. The Lumberjack Feedback are another reason why I love the genre so much, and I'm hoping they come out with more material soon. Whether you're in it for the heavy riffs, amazing alternate drumming patterns, or you just want to get lost in a sea of amazing noise, this release is for you.

Rating - 9.4


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